Global interest in climate change – its effects on the environment and society more broadly – is probably at an all time high. Countries around the world are increasingly acknowledging the shift that’s needed from a fossil fuel-driven economy to one that is sustainable, green and attempts to mitigate climate change.

          Electric vehicle will become increasingly important in the coming decades. This move is being driven by concerns about air pollution, governmental regulations, social attitudes and rapid technological advancements. The current model of transportation cars is trend to becoming more advance technology of battery and charging process. All car makers compete to launching the new car model assembly with huge size of battery either EV charger maker develop new faster charging station and home user device.


          Thasa Intertrade Co.,Ltd. our company realize the resposibility that all we are one together to change our earth. Let's green move forward as a part of everyday life. We appriciate all client changing to make the better world less CO2 emision by driving EV car and we promise to deliver highly quality, safety and sincerely service to you. Our products support both plug-in hybrid and battery vehicle from all brands.

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